Jan 30

A few health notes

A few health notes for our patrons :


----JO parties are the safest form of group sex play but nothing is a hundred per cent...

----Our managements always clean and disinfect the spaces in between parties but the events themselves are dependent on the common sense of the guys who attend.

___We ask that everybody pay close attention to cleaning up.  Thoroughly wash        your hands (and other body parts) before and after activity, paper towels on couches are suggested, and if you have a cold or a rash please skip the party until you are healthy.  

----We care about...

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Jan 6

New York Jacks information


  The New York Jacks have a mission. 


Some guys like the Jacks because of the health issue.  If you like group sex it's about the only party that will keep you more or less safe from STDs but the Jacks were founded by men who were devoted to the art of jacking off as a satisfying experience by itself.  Nothing against other forms of sexual expression but for some guys it is the most satisfying way to get off.   We are also advocates of changing attitudes about this universal activity.  It is usually treated as shameful or comical in our culture and we strongly believe...

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May 1

New York Jacks Timeline

The idea began on Saturday afternoons at "The Mineshaft" bar.  John V., Mark M., John P. exposed themselves and masturbated.  John P becomes the manager of the re-opened "J's" (formerly "Hell"-a disco) and meetings began in 1980.

1980--  February:  "J's",  "Hellfire" (under J's)

1981-- "International Stud" 1982-- "Jacks" becomes our name.

1983--  Candle II,  River Club parties, The Poconos in August

1984--  April: "River Club"  (formerly 12 West disco),  May,  "Mindshaft" (Upstairs),   127 Prince Street (downstairs),  

1985--  August:  Hauska House  (PA),  New Years...

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Mar 18

New York Jacks Blog

Welcome to the new New York Jacks Blog.  Please join the conversation and come to our parties.

Since we often get questions about the history of the New York Jacks, I will be adding some fun facts from time to time and would welcome any additions by any longtime members.  Some of the following information was taken from an original Jacks member's article in the New York Native going by the pen name Peter Palmer.  

The first JO club to be organized in New York was born on a February night in 1980 in a brand new West Village bar called J's.  When a 35 year old advertising...

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Mar 16

Membership Renewal

Thanks to all the guys who attended our Anniversary Parties and welcome to all new members.
It's time to renew your membership if you haven't already done it. 

The membership card gives you a $20 entry fee so if you visit frequently it pays for itself quickly.  The entry for non-members is $25.  If you want to be on our mailing list just ask for information to either the Tuesday or Sunday parties and you will be automatically added.
We take special pride in creating an atmosphere that is relaxed and welcoming and that draws a great crowd of men who make every party a pleasure...

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