The idea began on Saturday afternoons at "The Mineshaft" bar.  John V., Mark M., John P. exposed themselves and masturbated.  John P becomes the manager of the re-opened "J's" (formerly "Hell"-a disco) and meetings began in 1980.

1980 — February:  "J's",  "Hellfire" (under J's)

1981 — "International Stud" 1982-- "Jacks" becomes our name.

1983 — Candle II,  River Club parties, The Poconos in August

1984 — April: "River Club"  (formerly 12 West disco),  May,  "Mindshaft" (Upstairs), 127 Prince Street (downstairs),  

1985 — August:  Hauska House  (PA),  New Years Eve--127 Prince Street,  November: Mineshaft closes, December: The Stable (across from J's) with peanut shells on the floor!

1986 — February: The Stable becomes "Locker Room"

1987 — "Locker Room", Mondays 1989--  135 West 14th parties begin 1990--  Summer: Hillside Campground,  Oct: "J's Hangout" on Mondays,  Wall street Sauna parties

1993 — Mondays and Thursdays at J's,  269 Bowery parties,  Valinor farm, PA in the summers

1996 — adding Sundays at "Manhole" under J's.   "El Mirage" Special events.

2002 — September: "J's Hangout" closes, move to the "Manhole" 2003-- February: "Studio 253"  (El Mirage) Mondays,  December: "El Mirage", Thursdays. "Axis" in Brooklyn (never takes off)

2005 — March: Only Mondays at "El Mirage",  Rivendell Farm, PA (summer)

2007 — January: 511 West 38th street  (10th-11th).  April: 122 West 29th street, 3rd fllor on tuesdays 8-11:30 (with Lou Maletta)

2008 — April: 367 West 36th street, Tuesdays 8-12,  October: 355 West 39th street 3rd floor, Sundays 4-8. (When 39th street closes the Jacks are without a home for about 6 months)

2009 — March:  Paddles, Tuesdays  7:30-11

2010 — added 4-7 at a new location in midtown, Paddles on Tuesdays switches to 7 PM.

We continue at Paddles and midtownt, hopefully stable for awhile, given the expense and volatility of real estate in Manhattan.  Maintaining a club like ours is challenging as our nomadic history will show but the appeal of the activity is strong and the internet has expanded our reach around the world.  As long as men like to masturbate together we hope to continue to supply the venue.