So you’ve read a lot of the postings on the bulletin board and want to take the plunge by trying your first NYJacks meeting. You’re kind of nervous and do not know what to expect. Will guys like me? Am I too old, skinny, etc.? If you read what follows, no one will know it is your first time. Read on and we will put your fears to rest.

Mutual masturbation between consenting adults is legal AND safe. Probably the safest sexual activity you can do except for solo J/O. We are a friendly group of guys and we’re all there for the same reason and to have fun. You’ll see guys there of all ages, body types, sizes, etc. There will be tall, short, hairy, well endowed, young, older, all races, gay, married, bi-, etc. We don’t discriminate against physical attributes, only inappropriate behavior.

You don’t need to be a NYJacks member to attend any of our meetings. If you want to become a member, ask an attendant for a membership application at one of our meetings or download an application here. A Jack/Officer’s signature is required for membership. NYJacks members enjoy a reduced admission to meetings, newsletters and party invitations and other events scheduled throughout the year. Attend a few of our events to see if you would like to become a member.

The place where the Jacks meet are mainly afterhours bars and sex clubs, don’t serve alcohol and don’t receive any kind of police harassment. The neighborhood is safe. The place is safe but kind of funky-grungy and are heaven to many. Pay your money to the guy at the door and walk in. The action starts right away, so pay attention to meeting day and time and don’t be fashionably late or you might miss the fun. It will be a little dark, not black, inside, so your eyes may need time to adjust. Music and videos will be playing. At Jacks meetings we require street clothes to be checked but keep your shoes and socks on. Check your wallet with your clothes or keep it in your socks. You can keep your undershorts on if you’re modest, but they’ll probably come off in no time. Nudity is greatly preferred. When you take your clothes off there is no place to keep your attitude. There is a total absence of attitude at all our functions and everyone is generally very friendly. Some guys won’t even play with other guys that leave on some clothes. Clothes check is available. Grab a hanger, get undressed and put your clothes on the hanger. There will be chairs and benches where you can get undressed. The clothes check attendant will give you a claim chit which you can keep in your socks. Have some money ready for the clothes check. Water, juice and snacks are available.

When you look around, you’ll notice guys walking around stroking themselves and guys with raging hard-ons. Guys will be walking around or standing. Some guys will be by themselves, with one other guy, or in a middle of a group of guys all jacking each other off. There will be several areas, rooms and levels with action going on wherever it forms.

The Jacks use unscented Albolene as a lubricant. Albolene is a commercial product available at just about any drugstore and is sold as a make-up remover. Its oil base, but we don’t use rubbers so its safe to use. Its a little bit like Vaseline, but liquefies on contact with warm body parts. You’ll see jars of it located around the room. You’ll also see rolls of paper towels for clean up. There are washrooms available to clean up. Its a good idea to wash up after you cum or after you have jacked off another guy before you go on to your next conquest.

There is a subtle art of knowing when someone is interested in playing with you. Eye contact and body language and very important. Start by walking up to a guy and making eye contact or standing next to them. You’ll know if they want to plan. Tweaking a nipple is a nice way to start. Some guys get turned off if you grab the goodies without knowing if they want to play. If you don’t want to play with someone who has approached you, just say a polite, “No thanks.” and walk away. If they persist, move their hand away gently but firmly and walk away. Most guys are very polite and will know when to leave you alone. No one will make you do anything you don’t want to do.

Mutual stroking is the major action with some nipple sucking and/or kissing if you want. We discourage ass play, more for health reasons than any other. You may be with one guy or with a group of guys. When you cum, you can shoot on the floor, between your partners legs onto the floor, on your buddies thigh, etc. If your buddy want you to cum on them they will give you signals, otherwise, shoot on the floor. The Jacks Code of Ethics states “no insertion of anyone’s anything into anywhere, no ass play, no sucking, no fucking”. If you are caught breaking any of these rules you will be escorted out of the club. We are mostly self-policing but there are club monitors to enforce these rules. Five seconds of what you think may be fun for yourself (sucking) could get the club shut down for thousands of guys who attend regularly. We don’t look kindly on those who break the rules.

You will naturally be a little anxious and nervous at first, but you will quickly become accustomed to the group and the action. Just relax and you’ll have a good time. Walking through the door will be the most difficult part, but how difficult is that? No one will force you to do anything and you can leave at any time. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to make your first visit and you’ll be eager to return.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Peter Palmer