The New York Jacks

We are still going strong after 39 years. All guys masturbate and some of us like to do it together. We are continuing to build membership every Sunday and Tuesday so why not check out the fun?

Remember we allow JO only although the possibilities for variation of our favorite activity are endless. We also ask everyone to be respectful of each other and leave the attitude at the door. Please ask before approaching someone and if you don't wish to play just say politely "no thanks". Everyone has different boundaries and we want you to respect them. We are building a great community of friendly and horny guys who enjoy each others company because we want to celebrate the one activity that brings us together.

Meeting Schedule

NYJacks meets twice a week : Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings. Request location details and times for Sunday and for Tuesday.  You can also request to be added to our mailing list for occasional newsletters or go to our nyjacks twitter account.

A JACKS essay

The New York Jacks was born around a pool table. Somebody’s dick came out and another guy liked it. 36 years later and we still like it. Whether it’s 12 guys in a room or a hundred, all men love their dicks and love to have the chance to prove it. From the Mineshaft to J’s Hangout to the Candle 2 to Hellfire to El Mirage to Paddles we’ve had to move around a lot but we’ve always found a place to meet. Space in New York is more expensive and much harder to find and maintain these days but there is a spirit of renewal in the club that keeps us going and will, I expect, for many years to come.

It is a fantasy world come to life; An admittance into a world where social norms are abandoned for a couple of hours and men can be naked together. We believe nudity is a great equalizer and masturbation should happen without guilt, fear or paranoia. Our culture has been so twisted in knots by sex-negative attitudes that we need to free ourselves whenever possible. The Jacks are dedicated to the proposition that masturbation is healthy and good for you and something we like to share.

There is also something liberating about being naked in a semi-public place. Since it’s a private club and completely legal we can feel comfortable in our skin and free to relate without the protection of clothes. This can be a little intimidating for a newbie, after all, we can’t do it on the subway or at a public park (well not so much these days) but it usually doesn’t take long to get the hang of it particularly because the we try very hard to foster a friendly and open atmosphere. This depends on everyone being aware of certain boundaries as well as a feeling of mutual respect. Membership is not just a privilege, it is a sexual attitude.

The club is different now compared to the early days due to the cultural changes in New York City and the impact of the internet. Most men who come are not members but we usually get from 55-85 guys.  There are a lot of first timers, out of towners, guys who are unfamiliar with the rituals of public jerk off clubs. I’d like to remind everyone of a few things that make the club work on many different levels.

People come to the club for different reasons. Some like to play with themselves and just watch. Others like circle jerks. Some prefer to pair up as couples. Many relationships, short and long term, have begun at the Jacks. Some use it as a time away from their primary relationship which is often a healthy thing. We often get married guys who identify as straight. Many of us are “monogamish” as Dan Savage likes to say. Whatever your situation we want everyone to be comfortable and to respect each other’s needs. This means that no one should be put into a situation that they do not want. Look for cues before approaching someone. Eye contact, a few simple words asking permission is usually all that is necessary. There are often one or two guys who can’t read the signals and can be overly aggressive. If that happens, simply say, “I’m sorry, not now” or something like that. A smile will usually deflect the sting of “attitude” that we all dislike so much. Remember, we are all equal, especially when naked, no matter how young or toned we may or may not be. Everyone is attractive to somebody. If that one hot guy doesn’t take to you, forget it. Life is too short. The Jacks motto has always been: “It only takes one”.

Some parties are going to be hotter for you than others. That’s life. Most other sex parties are anything-goes, unpredictable, dangerous and intimidating if you don’t look like Hugh Jackman or Justin Beiber but we believe that the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of naked men, of all ages and types, in a safe environment is a happy thing so let’s keep the Jacks going and try to maintain our standards of friendship, respect and generosity.

And spread the word.