The New York Jacks have a mission.

Some guys like the Jacks because of the health issue. If you like group sex it's about the only party that will keep you more or less safe from STDs but the Jacks were founded by men who were devoted to the art of jacking off as a satisfying experience by itself. Nothing against other forms of sexual expression but for some guys it is the most satisfying way to get off. We are also advocates of changing attitudes about this universal activity. It is usually treated as shameful or comical in our culture and we strongly believe it is a friendly and happy way to relate to each other. Come join us and see what you think.

Sunday Vs. Tuesday

We often get questions about how Sunday's parties compare to Tuesdays. We now meet at a single space for both parties so the events are similar although the clientele may be somewhat different.  Sunday is a late afternoon weekend party so we get more people from out of Manhattan and lots of travelers. We generally attract a lot of first timers on Sundays.  Tuesday attracts guys coming from work or who live in the city but we also get a lot of travelers. Sundays we usually attract between 70 and 100 guys. Tuesdays will bring 50-70. Both parties begin when the doors open and end after 2 or 2 and 1/2 hours. 

We have an open door policy and invite everyone of all ages, races and body types because we promote the goal of treating each other with courtesy and respect. Happily we are seeing more young guys lately who are discovering the fun of sharing the bate. The New York Jacks is alive and well.

On Nudity

The lighting at most sex parties can be very dark which amplifies the mood of invisibility for many who feel uncomfortable in a situation with so many naked people.  At the New York Jacks we keep the lighting atmospheric but not too dark partly because there is a strong whiff of voyeurism and exhibitionism at the club but also because we like to celebrate the human body in all it's glory and all it's imperfections.  Everyone has something about their bodies that they don't like but being in a room with 60 or 70 naked guys somehow makes it all feel very equal and natural. The self consciousness can disappear fairly quickly. You will see every type of guy and every type of body at our meetings and it may surprise you how sexual attitudes open up to include people we never thought we could be attracted to.  It is a strange but freeing alchemy.  Masturbation is a universal for men and it is liberating to experience it in the flesh in real time.  You should visit and test out these theories for yourself sometime.