1. Masturbation is too often surrounded with shame and embarrassment in our culture.  We want to strip away those feelings and provide a space where it can feel normal and exciting.  We say emphatically "everybody does it" and it's a good and healthy activity.  We want to give guys an atmosphere where masturbation can be shared and lose the stigma many cultures and religions place upon it.  


2. Guys who come to the Jacks usually like touch and be touched however we still operate with the rubric of "consent".  We want eveyone to particpate at their own level and play with only those who want to play.  You may want to just come and watch.  That's OK.  You may want to be fondled.  That's OK.  You may want to play with this guy but not that guy.  That's OK as long as you are respectful to everyone. It's not difficult to make your attractions known without shaming anyone you are not attracted to.  

3. the Jacks are a play space made for men who are happy just to masturbate without penetration or oral play.  Nothing against other forms of sex play but we feel you can take any further activity out of the club and go private.   There are definitely health concerns around indescriminate public sex and there are many guys who like the public display without the risks of exposure to STDs.  .

A few health notes for our patrons:

  • JO parties are the safest form of group sex play but nothing is 100%
  • Our management always cleans and disinfects the spaces in between parties but the events themselves are dependent on the common sense of the guys who attend.
  • We ask that everybody pay close attention to cleaning up. Thoroughly wash your hands (and other body parts) before and after activity, paper towels on couches are suggested, and if you have a cold or a rash please skip the party until you are healthy.
  • We care about everyone and want to offer the safest play space possible.